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Regional Development Management

Beldyugin Pavel S.

Graduate student

University «SYNERGY»,
Russia, Moscow

Information security institute of as a tool for sustainable regional development

State regulation of information security in the regions is determined by prohibitions, strict requirements and the lack of (limited) access to information. This policy should be considered as a closed system that provides a risk-oriented approach with the mandatory development of threat models.

Global economy

Gospodarik Yuriy P.

Cand. Sci. (History), Assoc. Prof Department of Economic Theory and World Economy

University «SYNERGY»,
Russia, Moscow,
SPIN-код: 9042-9990

Trade wars and prospects of the world economy

The main tendencies of development of world trade in the last decades in the aspect of struggle of free trade and protectionism are Characterized. The course of events characterizing the strengthening of protectionism at the present stage is Considered.

Social Systems Management

Filenkova Eugenya K.

Post graduate

(MSTU) Maykop State Technological University,
Russia, Maykop,

Socio-cultural aspect of regional management cultural policy

Management as a process that accompanies human life and going through certain stages in the formation of spiritual needs through cultural institutions, is characterized by the peculiarities of the translation of socio-cul- tural experience.

Innovative management

Andreeva Marina Y.

PHD in economic sciences Docent, assistant professor

University «Synergy»,
Russia, Moscow,

Sozaeva Dzhamiliya A.

PHD in economic sciences Docent, assistant professor

University «Synergy»,
Russia, Moscow,

Votintsev Roman V.

PHD applicant in economic sciences

Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology,
Russia, Krasnoyarsk,

The monitoring reproduction innovative potential rocket-space industry enterprises

For indicating of innovation effectiveness rocket-space industry enterprises is proposed to use the evaluation of reproduction innovative potential. Such an assessment is proposed by using the management tool as monitoring. The monitoring of reproduction innovation potential rocket - space industry enterprises provides an integrated approach that takes into account quantitative and qualitative components.

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