Socio-cultural aspect of regional management cultural policy

Management as a process that accompanies human life and going through certain stages in the formation of spiritual needs through cultural institutions, is characterized by the peculiarities of the translation of socio-cul- tural experience. Management in the field of culture in modern conditions is determined by the peculiarities of the region and the challenges of culture. This article discusses the management process in the field of culture in relation to the study of the problems of the environment.

In addition, the article deals with the interdependence of regional and cultural policy, which occupies a special place in the strategy of regional development of the Russian Federation. It is shown that the realization of the existing potential and the development of a more successful and competitive economy and territorial culture in the region requires a clear strategy, consistent policy and public support. The problems associated with the lack of a high level of differentiated socio-cultural programs and low living standards of the population.


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