Synergy in management of social-economics systems

The paper deals with the key positions of modern management, which create an opportunity for companies to compete effectively in the market and effectively carry out the organization with available resources. The authors defines the iden- tity of the organization and human resources, which allowed us to consider any economic Association as an intellectual springboard for a synergetic effect. In modern conditions, when the functioning of the market is caused, on the one hand, by uncertainty, risks and tough competitiveness and high level of high technology, on the other hand, the role of human potential is critical for the strategic development of the organization.

The management system is faced with the task of building qualitatively new structures of functional interaction that can provide the maximum result of the use of human potential. One of the tools of effective management, allowing to identify potential opportunities necessary for the strategic development of the organization and to eliminate the problem areas of operational activities are the mech- anisms of synergy. The effectiveness of the synergy effect is directly related to the increase in efficiency and improvement of existing technologies, processes and procedures, which will achieve the synergy effect «1+1>2». The authors shows the necessary basic prerequisites for the functioning of the organization, in which the intellectual potential of human resources becomes a source of synergy.

The use of synergy mechanisms will allow the management system to mobilize the entire set of tools for the organization of production processes and resources, and, above all, human resources and ensure the effect of integration, which will exceed the total set of resources.


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