On several problems of regulation of development of trade networks in Russia on the basis of the analysis of arbitration practice

The article deals with more than ever acute problems of balancing the interests of retail chains, small trade businesses and suppliers in the conditions of accelerated, hypertrophied integration and consolidation of property in the country, the transfor- mation of the trade sector and the deepening of gaps in the potential development of large and small businesses. The author proves that in the current economic reality self-regulation in the consumer market is impossible, studies the issues of the need and success of the use of instruments of state regulation for this purpose, including the building of effective legislative support.

Examines the impact of the Federal law «On the basis of state regulation of trade activities in the Russian Federation» on the economic relations of retail chains and their suppliers, links more than a decade of development of this law with the analysis of arbitration practice, analyzes in detail the results of the most important articles of the law, shows the positive and negative effects, problem areas in the construction of mutually beneficial relations by economic entities of the market.


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