Introduction and evaluation of the unified technology as a factor of stimulation of innovative activity of the Russian economy

The article analyzes the main problems and measures to stimulate the innovative development of the Russian economy at the state level. A number of features of a single technology as an object of evaluation are identified, various options for using the results of the evaluation of the cost of a single technology are considered and possible types of cost that can be estimated for different options are identified. The main directions in the development of methods of evaluation of a single technology are summarized, and the possibilities of using cost, income and comparative approaches to evaluation to determine the cost of a single technology are compared.

Taking into account the growing interest of both market players and government officials, who determine the vector of economic development of the country as a whole, to the innovative component of business, the issues of integrated use, and hence the assessment of the value of the results of intellectual activity should be widely developed in the near future.



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