Study оf motivation of Students to implement the profession «Manager»

For decades, the problem of shortage of highly qualified managers in Russia remains urgent. The researchers identified a number of factors that affect the attractiveness of the profession «manager» from the point of view of applicants. But, since the decision to choose a direction for training does not guarantee the readiness to continue working in the chosen specialty, an important area of research is the search for factors that affect the motivation for the implementation of the profession. These factors directly affect the interest and conscious desire of students to master the necessary competencies at a high level. This, in turn, is an essential condition for the training of highly qualified managers for Russian business by universities.

On the basis of previous studies, we can make a clear conclusion that the situation with the training of managers in Russian universities has not changed significantly. The solution of this problem is complicated by the fact that in non- state universities the contradiction between economic needs (in a sufficient number of applicants and students) and professional interests (selection of the most trained and motivated young people who are ready and willing to master the chosen specialty as efficiently as possible) is quite significant. In this regard, it is necessary to find ways to achieve a reasonable balance between these needs, to develop and implement new forms of work with students in the specialty «management».

The article is devoted to the study of motivation of students of the faculty of Management of the Moscow financial and industrial University «Synergy» regarding the development of professional competencies for further work in the chosen specialty. The author presents the results of a pilot study conducted on the example of students of 1, 2, 3 courses of the faculty of Management. The purpose of this study was to determine the motivation of students in relation to the work on the acquired specialty. On the basis of the survey was conducted content analysis, which allowed to identify a number of trends characteristic of changes in professional value and semantic orientations of students as they develop in the process of studying at the University. The findings helped to identify some ways to improve classroom and extracurricular work with students of the faculty of Management.


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