Information technology as a coordination tool for industrial enterprise

The article explores information technologies from the perspective of a coordination tool in the detail of enter- prises. The role of  the  coordinating specialist is  revealed, which consists in  the  effectiveness of  decision making at the stages of the life cycle by reducing the time factor of the organization of interaction and communication     (in particular, the speed of workflow) between the marketing departments and production.

Electronic document management systems, PLM-systems, CAD-systems as an instrument of coordination at the enterprise were  stud- ied. It has been established that in the conditions of the modern market, the interaction between the marketing departments and the technology department by means of special IT programs (systems) is a key element in the ability of an enterprise to quickly use scientific and technical achievements, ensuring technological leadership and high competitiveness. Presents the percentage of responsibility transfer coordinator, marketer and technologist when changing the product life cycle.


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